Is it a bathroom or a pool???

Contrary to what I have been thinking, our bathroom actually doubles as a pool!

How? why?

Well, I have just last night come to the conclusion that our bathroom MUST double as a POOL!

Why else would the kids all think that it is perfectly fine to not dry off before removing their soaking, dripping wet all over the floor bodies from the shower?

What have I been thinking? I must get with the program. I mean really, why dry off when you can just get out, walk around the floor, while you are praying you don’t fall because of how WET the floor is because it takes way too much time and effort to actually dry off BEFORE removing your body from inside the shower?!?

OR maybe just maybe it is some sick twisted game they play to see MOM tip toe into the bathroom while trying not to fall in such a fast paced crazy way because her bladder is ready to explode because the shower is some kind of resort that allows them to stay in their forever.

Move + extra bathroom = Happy Mom!


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