Kathleen Bell
Spokane Washington

Bio: Welcome to my Unique Healthy Hemp world! Glad you stopped by. I love to write! From my thoughts, through my fingers, to this page and to YOU! I will share my many thoughts, feelings and information on how INCREDIBLY AMAZING the use of CBD OIL is! How absolutely blessed I feel to be involved with such a wonderful supportive incredible company! I will share my own experiences! I love Younique make up! I was at a point in my life, having sensitive skin and just being so busy that I hadn't put much time and effort or simply joy into wearing make up for quite some time. A friend showed me their website and I was a little interested. I ordered out of being curious. Now? I am a love of enjoying make up again! I attended and graduated from an amazing Holistic School in Oakdale, California, as a Holistic Health Practitioner as well as other modalities. I am a Mom, a Grandma and a woman on fire to help others! To help ME! Step inside my world for moment. Let me know what you think and have a blessed day!!!

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